The Uniroyal – Once A Mighty Fortress

The Uniroyal – Once a Mighty Fortress

Based upon The Detroit Magazine cover story I wrote and photographed in February 1985, this short documentary aired in February 1985 and also received a United Press International First Place Award during that year.


The Uniroyal – Once A Mighty Fortress still photographs
Below are some of the hundreds of still photographs I took documenting the transformation (and disappearance) of Detroit’s historic East Riverfront during 1984 and 1984. They were taken as part of my exploration of Detroit’s land use and urban planning policies at that time. Many of these photographs appeared in variety of publications – including The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit Focus Quarterly and The Michigan Quarterly Review (published by the University of Michigan).

Light at the End of a Uniroyal Passage – Homage to Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)


Another Uniroyal Bridge


Climbing Smokestacks




Depth and Translucency


Inside the Cave


Prison, Looking Out


Detroit Sunset


Tilted Smokestacks


The West Facade


Connected Uniroyal Buildings