The Great Detroit Incinerator Battle: Civil Disobedience – May 16, 1988 from Joel David Silvers on Vimeo.

The Detroit “Waste-To-Energy” Incinerator – the world’s largest trash incinerator – opened in 1986 to great controversy, and fellow Detroit filmmaker George Corsetti and I have documented the ongoing community opposition to this incinerator ever since. In 1988, a group of environmental activists calling themselves the Evergreen Alliance formed to mobilize the inner city community immediately surrounding this incinerator, and on May 16, 1988, they staged their first act of civil disobedience which George and I captured on camera. Many of their subsequent demonstrations were creatively staged using gigantic puppets inspired by Vermont’s renowned Bread and Puppet Theater. These acts of guerrilla theater were also captured on camera and will be shown in upcoming video documentaries. … Among the initial participants in the Evergreen Alliance protests who can be seen in this documentation of the May 16, 1988 civil disobedience is Harry Schnurr, an inspiring member of Detroit’s counter-cultural activist community who passed away in April of 2011.

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